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(Fic) Sing, chapter 2

Title: Sing
Author: larissafae
Fandom: Batman, Nolanverse.
Pairing: Jack/Rachel
Chapter rating: NC-17
Warnings: Alcohol issues, neglectful parents, sex.
Disclaimer: If they were mine, this wouldn't be a fanfic, now, would it?
Summary: Sequel to Speak; after nearly two years of marriage, Rachel's ready for kids, while Jack is less than enthusiastic about the idea. Additionally, someone's been kidnapping and murdering women in the area, leaving them with Glasgow smiles, and the police have come to Jack for help.
Speak: speak_sing
Previous chapters:

( How do you know I'd be a good father? )

P.S. If anyone reads Speak or Sing in this community, let me know; it's pretty dead here, and while I love letting as many people read the fic as possible, if no one's reading it here, it's too much work for me to keep posting. You've got the link to the community for these fics anyway. Lemme know (or, well, not).
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