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(Fic) Speak, chapter 16

Title: Speak
Author: larissafae
Fandom: Batman, Nolanverse.
Pairing: Jack/Rachel
Chapter rating: R.
Warnings: Light bondage-ish play, lots and lots of fluff. Out the ears, I mean.
Disclaimer: If they were mine, this wouldn't be a fanfic, now, would it?
Summary: A rehabilitated Jack Napier is brought into police custody after his wife of four years, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, falls to her death from their apartment. The only ones who seem to be on his side are Gordon and Rachel, who are haunted by the fact that 'rehabilitated' doesn't always mean 'cured'.
Notes: Once more, I've researched bondage and the BDSM lifestyle a good deal, and what Rachel is dealing with in this chapter actually happens. I'd like to think I've dealt with it realistically, but if any of you have experience with it and I've got it wrong, PLEASE les me know asap; I don't need to be spreading misinformation around. Again, message me for links if you're curious.
Previous chapters:
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